Cargo Scooter Trailer

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Your  Cargo Scooter Trailer provides an easy and convenient way to carry items with you when using your scooter. It’s perfect for carrying whatever you need for your favorite outdoor activities. It attaches easily to the rear of your scooter and can be folded quickly for storage or transport.

2. Parts

1. Connection Bar
4. Wheels (quick release)
2. Basket Cover
5. Front Legs
3. Frame
6. Fabric basket

3. Assembly
1. Place the fabric basket over the top of the trailer frame so that the top flap of the fabric cover overlaps the top of the frame. Use the snaps in the fabric basket’s top flap to fasten the basket into place.
The fabric basket features an attached cover that can be snapped into place to protect items placed in the trailer. The cover can be rolled back out of the way when not needed.


2. After attaching the fabric basket to the trailer frame, locate your scooter’s accessory connection point. This is a square metal tube located at the back of your scooter’s seat.
Insert the trailer’s connection bar into the accessory connection point and then tighten the screw to lock the connection bar in place. If you do not have this type of locking screw, you may need to drill a 3/8" hole in the trailers connection tube (mark this point with a permanent marker, on both sides through the accessory pin holes)

Because of the difference in height between the various scooters  accessory connection points, the connection bar must be turned the proper way to correctly attach the trailer to your scooter. See the images below for the proper connection bar positioning:

3. The trailer’s wheels are removable. To remove the wheels, loosen the screw located on the inside of each wheel, the lift up on the hinged piece on the frame to release the wheel.
To reattach the wheels, insert the wheel’s metal pin into the appropriate hole in the frame while holding up the hinged piece. Once the wheel is inserted, release the hinged piece and tighten the screw to lock the wheel back in place.

4. Your trailer can be folded for easy storage and transport. Simply push the front legs back toward the wheels.

4. Specifications
Overall Dimensions
25” (L) x 25” (W) x 22” (H)
Tires 12” solid tire
Total Weight 21.25 lbs.
Weight capacity 55 lbs.

5. Warnings

1. When using the trailer,it is attached to your scooter, DO NOT swivel the scooter’s seat.
2. When using the trailer with your scooter, the maximum safe incline to drive on is 6 degrees.
3. When driving your scooter in reverse, or turning, when the trailer is attached, please pay careful attention to whether any people or obstacles are nearby. When traveling in reverse, the trailer will angle in the direction opposite of your scooter’s direction.
4. For safety, DO NOT carry people or animals in your trailer.