Invacare Ranger II Series

$4000 New

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Quality Used $1297


This powerful, stylish chair is in new condition. IT HAS LESS THAN TEN HOURS ON IT. The seat is like new, the chassis is fantastic, the tires are like new. The batteries are new. Anodized aluminum red color, really nice. Have all papers and manuals.

Rear-wheel drive is the traditional configuration for power chairs. Rear-wheel drive chairs excel at delivering a stable ride over a wide ranger of terrain. The Invacare Ranger II power chair, with its outstanding features, performance characteristics, and all- around good looks, stands out as the best rear-wheel drive choice available. Up to now, this class of products was characterized by aesthetically old-fashioned, unappealing choices. By comparison, the beautiful styling of the Invacare Ranger II power chair brings this product class to new visual heights


Specifications Ranger II
Drive Wheels: 12.5" x" 2.25"
Casters: 8" x 1.75" semi-pneumatic (standard)
8" x 2" pneumatic (optional)
Maximum Speed: 6 mph
Turning Radius: 33"
Overall Size: Length: 36.5"-47.25"
Width: 35.25"-39.25"
Battery: 22NF
Electronics: MKIV
Weight Capacity 250-300 lbs.
Power Chair Weight 169 lbs. (with batteries)

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weight= 225 pounds
length= 40"


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