Rascal 245 Convertable

$8000 New

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Quality Used $1397


This 2 year old, comfortable, durable, Rascal scooter was used infrequently and kept up inpecably and is in new condition. It has the powerchair conversion piece that enables this unit to go from three wheel scooter to four wheel one hand operation powerchair. (Check out pictures). Everything is great, the seat, the chassis, on board charger, and the tires. The unit has new in the box batteries. Two baskets, front basket and one huge rear shopping basket still in the box.
Patented 3-in-1 Convertable system for interchangeable front ends - Riders can get the benefit of a new scooter by simply adding an additional front end. Modular Take-Apart Design - Rascal can be conveniently transported in a car or van. Built-in battery Charger - Charging the Rascal is as easy as plugging it into a standard electric outlet. Up to 25 miles per charge. "Just-one-hand"-controls - Starting, steering and stopping are easily controlled with just one hand. All-new soft-ride double-spring suspension (coil & leaf) - The Rascal ConvertAble's ride is so comfortable you'll feel like your gliding on a cushion of air. Smooth-glide digital controller - enjoy smooth operation and automatic compensation for uniform speed when climbing hills and ramps. Thickly padded glove-soft vinyl seat - Flip-up armrests and locking 360 swivel feature make transfers and getting on and off safer and easier. Proportionally adjustable speed control - Set the top speed with the easy to use dial-a-speed knob and still enjoy variable acceleration at lower speeds. Fully adjustable handlebars - Easily adjust the Rascal's handlebars to the most comfortable position. "Whisper quiet" drivetrain and powerful 1.5 hp electric motor - This drive system is virtually maintenance free. The motor is extremely reliable and quiet for added confidence and performance.


Overall Length: (245) 47.5"/
Width: 25"
Turning Radius: (245) 41.5"/
Maximum Speed: 4.5 mph
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
Maximum Range: 25 miles
Heaviest Component: 34.5 lbs
Tire Size (front): 10" x 3"
Tire Size (rear): 10" x 3"
Seat Height (range): 21.5" - 23"

Shipping particulars

weight= 235 pounds
length= 46"


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