ScooterHaul Corp. was started and is owned by Bruce Garvin, handicapped with Multiple Sclerosis. I'm on my scooter all day, and I use the ScooterHaul every time I go somewhere. If a new feature or a design change doesn't work for me, we don't offer it in production. I've solved all the problems with using a scooter carrier.

Our platform remains stationary, it does not tilt. When a tilting platform snaps back to level, most handicapped people don't move fast enough to move with the platform. Instead, they are thrown down to the ground.

Our ramp is easy for me to tilt back up, and it locks in place automatically. The guard rail around the scooter (a scooter is often a handicapped person's most valuable possession) is 6" tall, so that the scooter won't bounce out. All the little details are in place so that a handicapped person can operate it easily and safely.


Our drawbars are all one piece welded construction. Custom made drawbars are available at no extra cost, so that the ScooterHaul sits at the correct height for easy loading by a handicapped person. 

** Fits almost any car... for most 3 wheel scooters, only a 
class 1 hitch is required, (Click here to see what your 
scooter or powerchair needs.) 

** Scooter is carried outside, doesn't take up any inside room. 
You get your trunk back. Buy the all weather cover, and 
your scooter stays as dry as you do. 

** No electrical hookup required, nothing to go wrong. 
A malfunction on a 'complicated' carrier will put your life on 
hold for days or weeks. 

** No scooter disassembly required. Your scooter stays fully 
assembled and ready to use. 

** Easy to use, little strength required, and very fast. 
The whole idea is to get your life back. When you can take 
your scooter everywhere, you extend your reach on life's 
treasures. Go to the amusement park, downtown, shopping 
wherever you want, whenever. When you go somewhere 
with your family or companions, you don't want unloading 

the scooter to be a big production. You want it to be so 

easy to use that they take it off without even asking. 

** Change from car to car in five minutes. 
When you buy another car, you can put ScooterHaul right 
on your new car. You can change ScooterHaul to your 
kid's car when you go with them. 

** The least expensive way to carry your scooter. Medicare, 
and most insurance companies, will not pay the cost of a 
lift. They consider it a luxury. I consider it a necessity! 
So, we've kept the cost of ScooterHaul reasonable. 

** The Measurematic tool insures perfect measurements when selling a ScooterHaul.

 ScooterHaul comes in four sizes, get the size that's right for your scooter or powerchair. Most 3 wheel scooters fit easily on ScooterHaul I. (If you're not sure, call your dealer, or the manufacturer, or our office, and ask how wide and long your scooter or chair is, and how much it weighs).


Model Max chair width (Outside of tires) Max chair length Max chair weight Need Hitch Class (min *) PRICE YOU PAY
ScooterHaul I 24" 48" 155# 1 $497
ScooterHaul II 26 1/2" 48" 235# 2 $547
ScooterHaul III 30 1/2" 60" 390# 3 $597
 ScooterHaul V 30 1/2" 40" 390# 3 $547

 * You can always use a higher class hitch, if, for instance, you wanted to haul a trailer later, or if your car already has a higher class hitch. Just tell us what class you want when you order.

We always comply with the automobile manufacturer's specifications on tongue weight. If the necessary class hitch is not made for a customer's car, we don't sell them a ScooterHaul; otherwise they'll ending up complaining anyway, and create a liability for us. ScooterHauls are approximately sized to prevent loading a heavier scooter on a ScooterHaul than it's designed for.

The ScooterHaul 1 is the smallest carrier. They weigh 45# each, and can carry scooters up to 155# (empty scooter weight). The ScooterHaul 1 accommodates scooters up to 24" wide, and 48" long, up to 155# (empty scooter weight). This carrier can be installed on any class 1 receiver. This includes most compact cars, and most 3 wheel scooters. A class 1 receiver can handle up to 200# 'tongue weight'.

The ScooterHaul 2 carrier can accommodate scooters up to 26 1/2" wide, 48" long, and 235# empty scooter weight. This carrier can be installed on any class 2 receiver. This includes most mid-sized cars, and 90% of the 3 and 4 wheel scooters. All models of Jazzy scooters can be carried on this combination. There are a few 4 wheel scooters (Pride Celebrity is one example) that are only 24
or 25" wide, but are 50-52" long. These of course are too long for the standard ScooterHaul, so we make the ScooterHaul 3.

The ScooterHaul 3 is made for power wheelchairs. Only class 3 hitch receivers may be used, which are available on full sized cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

ScooterHaul 5 for is for short but wide and heavy powerchairs, up to 30 1/2" wide, and 40" long, and weighs 60#. When used on a class 1 hitch, it can haul a scooter weighing 140#. When used on a class 2 hitch, it can haul a scooter weighing 240#. When used on a class 3 hitch, it can haul a scooter weighing 440#.

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